Get a vendor space at Generations
Here are the different ways to get started.
Are you looking for a permanent spot or a 2nd Saturday event spot?
  1. You can stop by and take a look at the spaces and apply in person. 
  2. Apply online and come pick your spot when approved or when there is a space that fits your needs. 
  3. Apply for the 2nd Sat events and see how it goes and be the 1st considered when spaces open up.
  4. Apply only for the 2nd Saturday of the month events only.

There are 3 different options available to vendors who want a permanent space.

Booth, Wall, or Shelf Space

  • Booth spaces vary greatly from $40 a month to $200, depending on size and location. 
  • Wall spaces are for items that hang and don't stick out more than 6 inches. 

Shelves are 30-36 inches long and available in various locations throughout that store! Shelves are $10 each per month. Wall space varies by size AND vendors who have permanent space get FREE space on the 2nd Saturday events.

2nd Saturday events are held in the parking lot weather permitting and each vendor is given a 10x10 area. If the event has to be moved inside due to weather the spaces will be smaller and we will work together to make it work for all involved.

Feel free to call us to inquire about what space is available or with any questions.